Digital STARLAB®
Classic STARLAB®

What Makes STARLAB® Portable Planetariums Unique?

Invented in the late 1970s the Starlab® portable planetarium has been creating memories long before any other portable planetarium. With it, over a million students have gotten their first, and in many cases only, in depth look at a unspoiled night sky.

With our Digital Starlab® you can, using Starry Night software, totally immerse your students in astronomy or you can use The Layered Earth software to dig into the center of Earth Science.

With our Classic Starlab® you have a greater range of subjects to teach by using predesigned cylinders or by even involving students in creating your own lesson plan and cylinder working with our DIY cylinder. There are no limits to the teaching power of the this cylinder!

Let our dedicated StarLab® representative guide you with your wishlist and needs, show you on-line demos or videos, help you with grant resources and choose which package you need to achieve your education goals.

Why is a Science First® Starlab® the Best Choice for your Portable Planetarium?

Did you know that you can soar to the skies AND burrow deep into the Earth using our amazing in-dome education computer software (Starry Night and The Layered Earth) and our Digital Starlab®? You can teach lessons about Constellations to Mythology to Bird Migration using included teacher’s curriculum, film cylinders and our Classic Starlab®! The cylinders are so simple to change that even a student can help run the show.

Each, Digital or Classic portable planetarium system, has a unique niche in helping teachers inspire the minds of their students... both make teaching easy!

Science First® Starlab® continues to improve with the times. More portable than ever, we continue to find ways to reduce weight and make set up even easier. We’ve updated our projector optics and light sources across several generations, giving teachers the use of the very latest in projection technology.

We continue to make the entire package; projectors, domes and accessories, durable enough to withstand the stress of energetic, enthusiastic viewers.

Digital STARLAB in Action Mobius Science Center
The STARLAB® is, beyond a doubt, the finest portable planetarium to be found anywhere.

Here are a few reasons why:

We have over 30 years of experience to draw on. We didn't just invent the portable planetarium, we constantly improve it.

Our Classic STARLAB® is so simple elementary students can use them. Our Digital STARLAB® can be operated by anyone with basic computer skills.

User base
There are more Starlabs in use than any other portable planetarium, period. Read what our customers have to say!

Starlabs have always been about giving you the most for your money. Per student, a Starlab® is cheaper than field trips to a local planetarium.